Health and Beauty

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Multifarious Benefits of the Humble Groundnut

An overview of Groundnuts as an edible health package

Zingy, Tangy Health Benefits of Lemon

With its refreshing flavor and tartness, lemon dresses up dishes with a tangy chic; it also has umpteen health benefits.

Natural Home Remedies for Fighting Hair Loss

Hair Loss is a serious problem that comes with common reasons.

Know the Benefits of Cheese for Your Health and Wellbeing

Cheese is one of the oldest, healthiest of foods known to man and justifies its place as a highly nutritious food you can make part of your daily diet.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Dos & Don’ts for Gorgeous Long Nails

Long, well-groomed nails are seen as feminine and beautiful. Those of you sporting long, luxurious nails are probably well-aware that beauty is neither easy nor cheap. Nothing can be catchier than long nails. You may have tried several times to get those gorgeous nails--but it can be hard! If you wish such long nails take proper long nail care. Fortunately, lengthening your nails can be easier.

Heal, Protect and Nourish With Shea Butter, Learn About More of Its Beauty Benefits

The television commercials tell you about the cosmetic brands boasting the presence of Shea butter. You will find its mention in the label of your favorite cosmetics. Even your lip balm has Shea Butter! But what Shea butter actually is and what are the beauty benefits of Shea butter that makes it such a favorite with cosmetics makers all over the world? Well the article explains it all what Shea butter is, reveals Shea butter’s beauty benefits and the best ways to tap its immense beauty enhancing abilities. 

Choosing Right Clothing for the Day-How to Pick The Wedding Dress That Complements Your Shape

But a wrong selection of wedding dress can shatter your life’s dream about a fairy tale wedding. Your wedding photo album will be your one of the most treasured possession for the years to come. Given that, it is important to choose the right clothing for wedding day-one that is made for you and you can carry it off with great comfort and ease. The selection of wedding attire is conditioned by so many factors that may range from individual taste and style of wedding to weather condition and event venue.