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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Home Remedies That Guarantee Relief From Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are more common during cold and dry weather. It can cause inconvenience and irritation apart from spoiling your looks. Exposure to sunlight, smoking, vitamin deficiency and allergies are also responsible. Instead of rushing off to a doctor or buying expensive creams, try a few remedies at home thatguarantee relief from chapped lips.

Vegetable oils are the best remedy for chapped lips. Just apply a drop or two and rub it into your lips for guaranteed relief. Coconut oil, cocoa butter or shea butter are perfect to treat chapped lips.

Petroleum jelly is another remedy but you should avoid it since it can be carcinogenic when used for extended periods.

Another effective remedy with no side effects is the use of dairy cream. Just skimming off the top portion of milk will be enough and you can rub this all over your lips and leave it in place to get relief. Crush rose petals and mix with milk. The combination is quite effective.

Surprising as it may seem, before you go to sleep, put a couple of drops of oil in your belly button and massage it in thoroughly to gain relief and also prevent chapped lips.

Aloe vera gel is a surefire solution. Instead of buying it in a bottle get a fresh leaf. Slice it. It will exude a gummy fluid. Apply this to your chappedlips for certain relief.

Beeswax has proved to be quite efficacious in treating chapped lips. Rub it vigorously on your lips until you feel a coating has formed and leave it in place.

Honey, the sweet panacea, is another guaranteed remedy for chapped lips. Apply it but make sure you do not lick your lips. Honey already has minute amount of amylase. Your saliva has a lot more and together this can damage exposed tissues.

In most cases climatic conditions such as dry air is primarily responsible for chapped lips. If this is the case you can apply oil to your lips before you go out or go to bed. Chapped lips may also result from vitamin deficiency so make sure you are eating a healthy diet and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Smoking, chewing gum or eating junk foods may also be the causes for chapped lips so eliminate the causes and you have relief. Do not pick at your lips with your teeth or fingers if the lips are chapped since that will aggravate the condition.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Home Remedies for a Toothache

Toothacheshappen even if you take loving care of your teeth. A toothache, especially a severe one, is no joke. It feels as if someone is poking youright there with something sharp and the discomfort it causes will prevent you from sleeping, eating and doing anything else. So it is time to reach out, find out whatever suitable ingredient is available close at hand and use it to reduce pain and suffering. You do not have to be a martyr.

The first things you must reach out for should be the most effective one. A simple solution is the salt solution made with warm water. Just keep swilling it around in your mouth at regular intervals and spill it out. You can try this or another which involves mixing turmeric powder in coconut oil and swilling it around in your mouth for ten minutes. Talking of swilling things around in your mouth, try dilute hydrogen peroxide solution to which you add a couple of drops of clove oil. A clove kept in your mouth soon brings relief. If you want relief then you can also try crushing garlic and applying the paste over the tooth that is proving to be a thorn in your mouth. Counter fire with fire and in this case you make a paste of garlic, ginger and red chillies. Chillis contain capsaicin that numbs pain. Ginger is anti-inflammatory and garlic kills bacteria. So there you are.

Take a few leaves of neem and chew them gently, letting the juice flow around. You can also chew on leaves of “Bakula” and Peepal to get relief. These two tree leaves contain compounds that work as astringents and numbing agents.

So you want to try something more exotic? Get tea tree oil. Wet a cotton swab with a few drops of tea tree oil and place it in your mouth over the tooth that is causing such a headache. You can just as well soak the swab in apple cider vinegar if it is there at hand. Cinnamon-honey mix is another remedy. Adding turmeric increases efficacy.

If you want to be down to earth in the choice of remedy, the humble potato is just as good at helping you. Dip a slice in salt and keep it in your mouth or chew it. Onion is another down to earth remedy. Just chewing it will help.

If none of these work, there is a deeper underlying problem like sinus or rot that will need a doctor’s attention.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Natural Home Remedies For Frizzy Hair

Are you fed up of the way your hair appears all unruly and frizzy? Frizzy hair is often due to lack of moisture and this can make the hair brittle, cause split ends and give an untidy appearance. It is not a permanent condition provided you do something about and tame it.

You could spend a lot of money on creams and moisturizers to achieve the soft, glossy looks you see on magazine cover girls. You could achieve the same effect with some natural home remedies, provided you are dedicated to it.

Start with warm oil. This can be any oil. You will get better results if you use a mix of coconut, sesame and castor oil. If you can stretch to it, get some jojoba oil. Mix them all together and warm the oil but not too much. Before you go to bed dip your fingers in the warm oil and rub it into your scalp in circular motion. Wash the next day. Do this every alternate day.

Have you ever thought of applying moisturizing skin lotion to your hair? Try it. A quick fix is to spray your hair with silicone spray. The silicone acts as a super lube and lets you manage your hair. Shea butter for the hair? Well, why not.

You may be a vegetarian and do not like the smell of eggs. If you can eat them they do a world of good to your hair. If you cannot, just apply the egg to your hair after mixing with some lemon juice, honey and any light oil. Even sunflower oil will do. Make sure you whisk everything together and this mayonnaise for the hair will make it creamy and silky. Add a drop or two of glycerine.

Get some Vitamin E capsules like Evion or Natvie. Prick them and collect the oily stuff. Add to normal oil like coconut oil. Heat the mix a bit and use as tonic for your hair. Apply warmed oil to hair at night.

If someone were to see you applying banana paste to your hair he or she might conclude you are off your rocker but when it comes to making your hair soft and manageable, they work fine and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Finally, if nothing else is available use thick full cream curds. Apply to hair, leave it on for an hour and wash off.

The Best Home Remedies For Treating Blackheads

Hormonal activity during pubescence leads to the sebaceous glands, especially those located in facial skin, to secrete oils in excess. This can lead to blockage of pores and bacterial infections, the commonest cause of blackheads. This condition is not confined to teens and can happen even to adults of any age. Instead of going in for expensive treatments, you can address the issue at home using simple but effective measures to treat blackheads. You have access to many of these ingredients at home. Try these out.

Tomatoes and lemons are ideal to treat blackheads without any side effect. Make a paste of tomato and rub it into your face, especially around and on the nose and leave it overnight. Mix lemon juice with honey and salt and rub it in. You can mix lemon juice with sugar.

Honey is an effective remedy on its own or when mixed with lemon juice, cinnamon, turmeric powder and baking soda. Make a thick paste and rub it into your skin and leave it overnight. Wash with mild soap the next day.

Steaming is a nice and effective way to get pores open. A simple kettle will do and ten minutes of steaming alternating with a scrub using a wet towel will take care of the matter.

Take multani mitti (fuller’s earth) and mix with turmeric powder, some milk and a little bit of lemon juice. Multani mitti absorbs oil. Turmeric is a known antibacterial as is lemon juice. Lemon juice also serves the purpose of bleaching and removing dark spots. Leave the paste on your face for an hour. If you have the time you can do it in the morning and at night. If you can get hold of it, use hydrogen peroxide and add only a couple of drops. Peroxide kills bacteria and clears your skin of infection.

Another remedy you can try is white of egg mixed with some lemon juice and honey. You can apply this mix or add turmeric and cinnamon powder for added effect. One hour and then you can wash off the layer.

Fenugreek leaves and leaves of neem are also effective in that they contain ingredients that absorb oil and kill bacteria. Make a paste, apply to your face and let dry. Wash off after an hour.

Fine sand, toothpaste, oatmeal and cornmeal have been tried with varying degrees of success. Use a formula that works for you and that’s it.