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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Home Remedies That Guarantee Relief From Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are more common during cold and dry weather. It can cause inconvenience and irritation apart from spoiling your looks. Exposure to sunlight, smoking, vitamin deficiency and allergies are also responsible. Instead of rushing off to a doctor or buying expensive creams, try a few remedies at home thatguarantee relief from chapped lips.

Vegetable oils are the best remedy for chapped lips. Just apply a drop or two and rub it into your lips for guaranteed relief. Coconut oil, cocoa butter or shea butter are perfect to treat chapped lips.

Petroleum jelly is another remedy but you should avoid it since it can be carcinogenic when used for extended periods.

Another effective remedy with no side effects is the use of dairy cream. Just skimming off the top portion of milk will be enough and you can rub this all over your lips and leave it in place to get relief. Crush rose petals and mix with milk. The combination is quite effective.

Surprising as it may seem, before you go to sleep, put a couple of drops of oil in your belly button and massage it in thoroughly to gain relief and also prevent chapped lips.

Aloe vera gel is a surefire solution. Instead of buying it in a bottle get a fresh leaf. Slice it. It will exude a gummy fluid. Apply this to your chappedlips for certain relief.

Beeswax has proved to be quite efficacious in treating chapped lips. Rub it vigorously on your lips until you feel a coating has formed and leave it in place.

Honey, the sweet panacea, is another guaranteed remedy for chapped lips. Apply it but make sure you do not lick your lips. Honey already has minute amount of amylase. Your saliva has a lot more and together this can damage exposed tissues.

In most cases climatic conditions such as dry air is primarily responsible for chapped lips. If this is the case you can apply oil to your lips before you go out or go to bed. Chapped lips may also result from vitamin deficiency so make sure you are eating a healthy diet and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Smoking, chewing gum or eating junk foods may also be the causes for chapped lips so eliminate the causes and you have relief. Do not pick at your lips with your teeth or fingers if the lips are chapped since that will aggravate the condition.

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